COVER2DRY helps to reduce downtime and complaints rates

We reduce and/or avoid quality problems, and thereby downtime and complaints rates with customers, by using the COVER2DRY drying concept throughout the entire value creation chain. This helps to reduce, for example, preliminary damage to components sensitive to moisture that have not been properly stored/dried.

Improved quality by dry storage/active drying with COVER2DRY

COVER2DRY is a nitrogen-based dry storage and active drying concept developed by productware for electronic components, printed circuit boards and semi-finished products. It is used at productware for the storage of components and systematically throughout all relevant departments within production. IPC/JEDEC JSTD - 033A is used as the basis for the time the components reside in nitrogen.
The reason for this? Since the introduction of RoHS-compliant processing in electronics production, and the high temperatures involved in soldering processes, it is particularly important to store and/or actively dry sensitive electronic components and printed circuits properly. A low residual oxygen content and low drying temperatures are very beneficial here. The COVER2DRY dry storage and active drying concept developed for this purpose is productware's solution for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of electronic components and printed circuits, as well as for manufacturers of electronic components and devices.

Benefits of the COVER2DRY system at a glance:

  • Oxidation exclusion, excellent handling of hygroscopically sensitive components
  • Order-based storage at the place of use
  • Transport of components in a controlled atmosphere
  • Contamination only of the unit during loading and unloading
  • Small volume, short restoration time for the atmosphere (40 min.)
  • Traceability and data logging functions for each other
  • Passive (room temperature) and active drying (40 °C)