Mission statement

Our mission statement sets out the values and principles our company should stand for, and which should guide the actions of all our managers and employees. It also answers of the question of what we hope to achieve together. It represents the scope of action for our strategic objectives and our operative action. Our mission statement recognises and takes into account the needs of our internal and external stakeholders.

We strive towards sustainable economic success and competitiveness in order to be able to achieve growth and preserve our company. It is important to us to act sustainably and to minimise our impact on the environment. Our aim is to foster long-term, partnership-based cooperation with our partners.

Customer focus
We think and act in a customer and goal-oriented way. We pursue the goal of customer satisfaction and quality leadership. We offer our customers fair prices, reliable deadlines, a high degree of flexibility and targeted solutions.

Innovation and optimisation
We pursue the goal of having a solid command over our processes and facilities. We use our PROVI approach to work to continually optimise our business processes.

Employee focus
Our employees’ knowledge and conduct forms the key basis for our entrepreneurial success. That is why long-term cooperation is such an important goal for us. Our aim is to offer our employees safe and fair working conditions as well as good training and further education options. In order to promote personal responsibility, our goal is to offer enough room to manoeuvre for them to make their own decisions and to include employees in the decision-making process.