Staff Qualification

Quality always has top priority in electronics contract manufacturing. Alongside modern production equipment and the use of stable production processes, this is primarily determined by well-trained and motivated members of staff who ensure, in fast-paced day-to-day operations, that our product quality is good - especially with small batches of highly complex assemblies and devices.
Our staff therefore undergo recognised training and qualification at regular intervals. Over and above professional development, we set great store by encouraging our employees to undertake self-reliant, responsible and entrepreneurial work. The success of this approach is demonstrated by the outstanding results achieved in our company by our employees in lean management, that is to say the continuous improvement of business processes.

Full qualification in line with the Soldering Specialist Guidelines DVS 2621

The certification of all THT employees at productware in line with DVS 2621 is reflected in a measurable and visible improvement in the quality of our manufacturing processes. Lower error rates and reduced reworking lead to lower cost of production and improved product quality, which, in turn, benefit our customers.
We are one of the few EMS service providers, probably even the only EMS service provider in Germany, to exclusively employ DVS 2621-certified employees in its PCB manufacturing plant.

Therefore, in the recent past we have held, alongside other courses, a 5-week qualification course in compliance with DVS 2621, covering the basics of assembly production, manual soldering, manual assembly and automatic SMD assembly. Key training issues included soldering metallurgy, solders, fluxes and working temperatures, components and their heat resistance, material behaviour, standard basics and complementary analytical processes. Furthermore, all relevant processes and workflows throughout the entire production process were inspected on site and optimised where possible.
The certified training course was run by Lippstadt-based Trainanalytics GmbH, who specialise in analysis, process consulting and training in assembly manufacturing. Everyone employed in assembly manufacturing at productware took part in this qualification and successfully passed the final examination in theory and practice in line with DVS guideline 2621.