Case Studies


OEM & EMS…or an example of “perfect collaboration”

Any dynamic, innovative and distinguished company seeking an EMS service provider will place high demands on the provider they choose. An extensive service portfolio, a diverse range of consulting services and a high degree of flexibility, coupled with superior manufacturing quality are just some of the requirements. As to what form the “perfect collaboration” takes, that is described in the following article using the example of productware and the German company LYNX Technik AG.

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Look before you leap

Rely on productware

Any manufacturer who turns to an electronics manufacturing service provider, has high expectations of him. Assured expertise and accurate parts logistics, coupled with high-quality manufacturing are among the top requirements. A decision-making matrix helps to find the right production partner.

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productware aims for cost-effective product production with Design-for-Manufacturing measures

Design-for-Manufacturing – integrating knowledge and expertise at an early stag

productware, as an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company, offers small and medium-sized batch sizes (low/middle volume/high-mix) of a scalable and comprehensive range of products and services for electronic assemblies and systems. Our range of services includes not just manufacturing, assembly and testing but ranges from development and design support to the provision of customer-specific logistics concepts through to diverse after-sales services. The company focuses its attention throughout all phases of a design process on uncompromising compliance with all Design for Excellence (DfE) criteria, that is the combination of Design for Manufacturing (DfM), Design for Test (DfT), Design for Cost (DfC) and Design for Logistics (DfL).

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EMS case study "And the winner is…"

... or how an EMS company is selected

"High mix/low volume" and "High quality/high flexibility" - this is the foundation on which the ENS service provider productware GmbH was set up in 1988 in Dietzenbach. With the help of over 50 highly trained employees and state-of-the-art production and test facilities, productware, which specialists in SME customers, offers cross-sector manufacturing of small to medium quantities of complex electronic assemblies and systems.

The range of services includes not just manufacturing, assembly and installation, including testing and checking, but extends to development (hardware development and layout) as well as development and design support (NPI = New Product Introduction) including material management, change management and logistics, as well as many after-sales services (refer to the special section entitled "Electronic Manufacturing Services at its best" following this article.

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