Sixth technology day a success

productware gave a broad overview of practical technologies and the impact of digitalisation

productware staged its sixth technology day on 25 October 2017. Distinguished speakers representing suppliers and customers offered an interesting programme, with a total of five presentations.

Raphael Specht, Field Applications Engineer, Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH + Co. KG, gave a talk on essential design tips for EMC-compliant printed circuit boards (PCBs) and components. The first design tip concerned the selection of inductors and their different core materials depending on the switching frequency. Specht also discussed the coil current and saturation current, saying that as there is no applicable uniform standard, the saturation is measured and shown differently by different manufacturers. Design tip three related to the inductance value itself, and the effect of the associated ripple current on core and copper loss. Next up was an explanation of magnetically shielded shapes and their AL values, a demonstration of wire and core losses depending on the material used, and a discussion of filtering as well as how to choose capacitors and inductors. Other tips dealt with possibilities and errors in PCB routing, taking neighbouring components into account and preventing unwanted pathways etc. The final topic was measuring techniques and making sure that measurements are not distorted.
Hermann Reischer, Managing Director of Polar Instruments GmbH, gave a talk on “impedance controlled PCBs”, in which he explained what a controlled impedance is, how it affects PCBs, and how and why it needs to be measured. As signal frequencies on PCBs are constantly increasing, PCB developers need to take into account and define the impedance of tracks. Because of the short switching times and high cycle frequencies of modern circuits, tracks are no longer just simple connections. Instead, they should be regarded as transmission lines in accordance with transmission line theory.
Daniel Schikora, Account Manager at Arrow Central Europe GmbH, highlighted the current component market situation. He pointed out that delivery times for components in general are still very long, and are expected to get longer still. Moreover, an ever greater number of components are being put on allocation. productware’s everyday experience confirms this development. The company is increasingly faced with rising delivery times and prices. A majority of productware parts lists now contain components that have a standard delivery time of 20 weeks or more.
Matthias Hunkel, Operations Manager and Authorised Signatory at productware, reported on the positive response that productware received from the market and customers after introducing flying probe tests. He explained current trends in surface mount technology (SMT) assembly in respect of assembly density and component sizes, and also discussed design requirements for components as well as the good experiences the company has had following the acquisition of a selective soldering machine – in terms of cost-effective, high-quality production.
In the final talk of the day – “Concept and Implementation of a Siemens eMES solution” – Rainer Strohmaier, Simatic IT Portfolio Development/Siemens Industry Software GmbH, spoke about a strategically important project for productware – investment in eMES software. He explained how digitalisation is affecting the manufacturing industry, why productware decided to invest in the software, how the concept works and how it was implemented, and finally the advantages that the solution offers to customers and productware.
Positive response all round
“Our sixth technology day was another resounding success. We had a record number of registrations compared to past years, and were ‘booked out’”, says a pleased Herbert Schmid, Managing Director of productware. “Once again, our varied programme met with an enthusiastic response from participants.”
“All in all, the sixth productware technology day was a great success. The facilities were very good, and that simply underlined the professional organisation. I was particularly interested in the afternoon part of the event, as it gave me a good overview of developments in production at productware in recent years. Even the breaks between presentations provided a useful opportunity for some interesting conversations,” sums up Mario Spring, Electronics Engineer, Varex Imaging Deutschland AG.
Hermann Reischer from Polar Instruments also draws a positive conclusion: “The technology day was organised perfectly and the numerous questions from participants showed that the talks addressed many current problems and challenges. The concluding tour of productware was an impressive demonstration of how the high quality level in production is assured.
“We are delighted that our technology day is so popular with our customers, prospects and partners, and that our choice of topics met with interest and can offer food for thought and ideas for day-to-day work. We also provide a platform for discussion, exchange and networking, which participants are keen to use,” explains Lidia Marin, Marketing and Sales at productware, who organised and moderated the technology day.
“The proven combination of interesting specialist talks, a tour of the company and networking opportunities give technology day participants a good overview of how modern systems can be used to design simple and reliable production processes. The technology day is an ideal platform for a lively exchange of ideas with our customers. And once again, the day was very positive for us, too”, concludes Marco Balling, Managing Director of productware.

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