Inspection & test concepts

In cooperation with our customers, we create test concepts tailored to the respective product, thereby guaranteeing the functional safety and reliability of the products. As we introduce our "Design for Test" expertise at the development process, in many cases we can optimise inspection and testing costs, and consequently also product costs.
We offer a special range of services in relation to boundary scan tests: We issue what are known as "floating licenses", charged only for the period of actual use, for all cases where our clients do not have their own tools for test program development. This helps to save costs.
Our X-ray inspection system also plays a key role. It is used, among other things, to validate processes and materials, and thus helps to optimise manufacturing processes, which, in turn, is reflected in the improved quality of products. Furthermore, urgent analysis can be performed at short notice and solutions to problems identified more quickly.

The following test methods are used:

  • Manual visual inspection
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  • X-ray inspection
  • Boundary scan tests:
  • Program development, either by the customer or as a service provided by productware
  • IC tests
  • Functional and system tests in line with the customer's specification
  • High-voltage test
  • Climate/Run-in tests

The provision of floating licenses avoids high investment costs 

By offering boundary scan licenses – so-called "floating licenses" – productware  customers can avoid high investment costs and an unnecessary burden on their budget. The development of programs also takes pressure off customers' development departments.


An in-house X-ray system shortens analysis and problem-solving time

The productware X-ray inspection system is not just used for internal quality control/quality assurance, but can also be used,  if required, by productware customers for other purposes, such as analysis. This helps to reduce costs for analysis process times and speeds up the resolution of issues.