Unit THT

Machinery in the THT sector

Wave soldering process:
Kirsten soldering system 7500, hollow shaft, nitrogen-flooded for
RoHS-compliant processing:
Ersa 2000, partial soldering and de-soldering system
Cleaning: IMO cleaning system, water-based

Manual placement: Staff qualification and equipment

12 manual placement workplaces; all employees who work here are DVS 2621 and IPC-A-610 (CIS)-certified.
Various press-in and insert systems
AOI: "Stand-alone AOIs" mode for foll control of assemblies

Certified employees produce quality 

The certification of all productware THT employees in line with DVS 2621 is reflected in a measurable and visible improvement in the quality of our manufacturing processes. Lower error rates and reduced reworking lead to lower costs of production and improved product quality, which, in turn, benefit our customers.