Highly effective investment protection through "life cycle analysis and monitoring"

Over 80% of our customers who use this service, rate it, from a procurement, R & D and quality management point of view, as offering real added value to their business. They regard is as a key factor differentiating productware from other known competitors.

Discontinued components in a new design or unknown discontinued components during the life cycle of a product threaten projects and can give rise to extreme costs, cause,d for example, by unplanned redesigns. productware's "life-cycle analysis and monitoring" offers an adequate level of protection.
The structured provision of information relevant for decision-making and the monitoring of processes prior to decision-making greatly minimises these risk factors with customers.
The fact that many clients also use this service for assemblies not manufactured by productware speaks for the excellent efficiency of this measure.

The process in detail:
We perform a component life cycle analysis at the quotation stage. This means that, at a very early stage, our customers have an estimation of the likely availability of the components used. This takes the form of a report, which includes both the life cycle factors as well as the parts procured from productware and also parts supplied by the customer. In the event of a contract, the parts list is then continuously monitored for PCN (Product Change Notifications). In the event of LTB (Last time buy) or EoL (end-of-life) notifications from component manufacturers, we inform the customer and provide him with an overview of the affected assembly/ies. Furthermore, productware offers customers various alternatives about which to decide including alternative parts, stockpiling, stockpiling of residual stock etc. Our sales department will then work with the customer to search for an optimum and appropriate solution for him and will only end the process when the customer has made a decision.