NPI & Design Consulting

By using the NPI process, experience has shown that productware, together with its customers, can shorten development cycles in over 30% of projects and/or improve product quality and/or lower costs.
This reduces the risk of not adhering to project plans, leads to the reduction of failure and complaint rates and/or to accelerated readiness for production, thereby improving customers' competitiveness. The positive "side effect" in many cases is also improved product availability.
With NPI, we offer a package of services with the aim of ideally translating our customers' product innovations into series production and significantly shortening the time from initial product idea to series product, the "time to market". Integrating productware at an early stage in the development process, i.e. even at the design phase, and using our knowledge and expertise, will enable you to save time and money and improve the quality of your products.
The essential points of our NPI package of services include:

  • Identification of potential improvements from a production point of view (DfM - Design for Manufacturing)
  • Development of product-related test strategies (DfT - Design for Test)
  • Selection of materials and suppliers (DfC/DfL - Design for Cost & Logistics)
  • Product life cycle analysis of parts lists and components
  • Cross-life cycle monitoring of customers' parts lists
  • Prototyping including first article inspection (FAI) reports
  • High-performance (technical and logistics) change management

NPI – Step by step

In terms of the practical implementation of the NPI concept, first and foremost productware agrees the general product concept and production conditions with the customer. We check whether manufacturing-related adjustments to the concept and/or design could have a positive effect on quality and cost (DfM). A further key aspect that needs to be discussed at an early stage and taken into account in the development process relates to the 'testability' of the product (DfT).

Especially with complex assemblies and systems, an inadequate testing strategy, i.e. the lack of answer to the question as to with which test methods the finished product is to be usefully tested, can lead to higher costs in terms of series testing and fault localisation. However, NPI also means dealing with the selection of the appropriate material at an early stage in the process. We support our customers in this, for example by analysing in which product life cycle the components to be used in series production are used. Or by identifying second-source components and providing the customer with technical specifications and/or samples for their approval. In addition, we monitor all parts lists over the entire life cycle of the product and inform customers at an early stage about relevant changes, such as forthcoming discontinued products.
During the production of prototypes or with new product launches, we always perform a detailed first article inspection (FAI) throughout all the affected departments. We inform our customers promptly and in a structured manner about the findings made in the close-to-production environment so that they can swiftly incorporate them in the final development process.