Demand-led material management ensures security of supply and optimum value-for-money

Despite difficult planning conditions, i.e. a customer base with low-volume and high-mix products and a high percentage of project business, we have succeeded in further improving customer satisfaction ratings - compared to the competition - even in times of critical component availability. This security of supply results in the avoidance of additional costs and/or quality risks, for instance by avoiding or, at the very least, reducing the purchase of components from grey markets.

Worldwide widely changing situations relating to the availability of components associated with fluctuating demand on the customer's side, place high demands on optimised material management. It is essential for us to precisely understand the requirements and needs of our customers and their markets to guarantee a reliable supply of components by providing individual logistics concepts.
Based on our close and trusting cooperative relationships with customers and suppliers, the individual logistics concepts adapted to their needs and markets and the use of global synergies, we have succeeded, even in times of critical component availability, in avoiding supply shortages or major availability problems and achieving excellent value-for-money.

Our range of component procurement and supply services:

  • Global procurement of electronic, electromechanical and mechanical parts and components
  • Strategic and operational procurement
  • Customer-specific logistics and supply chain management (SCM) solutions
  • Advice on the selection of components, identifying second-sources
  • End-of-life management / long-term preservation of components
  • Monitoring of components and parts lists

High quality standards in warehousing

The guaranteed and continually verifiable high quality of purchased and/or supplied and stocked components and materials has absolute priority at productware. Among other things, we ensure this through comprehensive inspection of incoming goods:

  • Quality-related inspection of incoming goods
  • Compliance with customer-specific quality and testing specifications
  • Extensive testing and analysis processes for EOL components

Quality assurance is also provided, in other ways, by the high quality standards in our stock keeping:

  • Data processing-based high-bay warehouse shuttle systems
  • FIFO (first in/first out) system
  • Integrated ESD concept

Inter-departmental dry storage/active drying with nitrogen using COVER2DRY