Development & Design

productware develops concepts and functional solutions in cooperation with its customers – whether for development samples, zero series or for series production. Client projects are supervised through all stages of development, from creation of the specification and selection of suitable components, the appropriate manufacturing and testing methods to certification and approval of products. We focus our attention throughout all phases of a design process on uncompromising compliance with all Design for Excellence (DfE) criteria, that is the combination of Design for Manufacturing (DfM), Design for Test (DfT), Design for Cost (DfC) and Design for Logistics (DfL).
Summary of services in Development and Design:

  • Production of wiring diagrams
  • Layout production using Mentor Pads, Mentor Expedition, Altium Designer and Cadsoft Eagle
    • SMD, conventional, mixed engineering
    • Multilayer up to 20 layers
    • Micro, blind and buried vias
    • Analog, digital and mixed-signal layouts
    • Impedance-controlled and high-frequency signal routing
  • Hardware, software development
    • Concept development/specification
    • Simulation
    • Circuit design with Mentor DxDesigner, Cadence Orcad, Altium Designer, Cadsoft Eagle
    • FPGA/CPLD/ASIC design
DFC - Design for Cost & Logistics helps to optimise product costs and reduce interdependencies


As part of its Design for Cost & Logistics efforts, productware has succeeded, in many cases, in optimising product costs or reducing the interdependency of components by identifying alternative components or second-source products of similar quality at a more cost-effective price and providing customers with the necessary information in time to make a decision about a sample. Furthermore, flexibility can be created by recoding bills of materials for customers, for example by converting products to RoHS conformity or THT to SMT.