productware equips its test bay with a high-performance, environmentally friendly climate test chamb

productware equips its test bay with a high-performance, environmentally friendly climate test chamber, enabling it to perform all current cold tests, warm tests, change of temperature tests, constant climate tests and cyclic climate tests in accordance with testing standards IEC 60068-2-nn, ISO 16750-4, ETSI EN 300019-2-4, MIL-STD-nnn and JESD22-A-nnn.
Spring 2019 – With the newly installed vötschtechnik ClimeEvent C/340/70/3 climate test chamber, productware is now able to carry out environmental simulations using the latest generation of high-performance technical equipment, even more reliably and with an even smaller environmental footprint.
The new R449A refrigerant ensures safe usage even after 2030, and as a result it already surpasses future standards today.
The climate test chamber comes equipped with greenmode as standard, which can cut electricity consumption and operating costs by up to 40%. This new acquisition is therefore helping productware save many tons of CO2.
The precisely controlled recirculating air conditioning system enables set values for temperature and humidity to be reached with high accuracy.
All components, such as the heating element, heat exchanger and fan are optimally dimensioned and matched to each other.
Air from the test chamber is passed over conditioning elements, where it is cooled, heated, humidified or dehumidified without aerosols, according to individual requirements.
The air routing ensures excellent performance, with sensors in the supply and exhaust air connected to an intelligent control unit.
The maximum temperature range is from -70 °C to +180 °C, the rate of temperature change for both cooling and heating is 3.0 K/min.
For climatic tests, the maximum temperature range is between +10 °C and +95 °C.
In intermittent operation, the dew point range can be reduced down to -3 °C.
The humidity range can be set between 10% and 98%.
With a net volume of 338 litres, there is ample room even for very large test items, and a window in the front door allows displays to be read during the test, for example.
Other plus points include relatively simple programming, a user-friendly software interface, and good accessibility for maintenance and servicing.
The climate test chamber is ideally suited to all requirements presented by productware’s highly diverse customer base and low/middle volume / high-mix infrastructure.

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