productware invests in high-end rework system for automated repair of component assemblies

Greater flexibility and significantly shorter repair times with maximum quality

productware has expanded its repair capabilities with a professional rework system for all surface-mounted devices (SMDs). The Ersa HR 600/2 is a hybrid rework system for automatic desoldering, placement and soldering of components. This rework system cuts repair and throughput times and, thanks to its closed loop concept, ensures a reliable repair process. Pure repair services are also possible.
“Our main motivation for investing in a high-end SMD rework system was to enable a much faster response to repair needs, and so achieve faster repair times with small control loops, while minimising administrative expenses and eliminating travel times and the costs that are incurred when repairs are contracted out,” explains  Peter Luckner-Piecha, Team Leader Test Bay at productware. “Particularly the direct repair capability – i.e. the ability to replace faulty components after testing to localise the fault – is a key advantage over third-party reworking. As a result, there are no more waiting times, and the success of the repair can be checked and evaluated very quickly, as soon as the repair has been carried out. This makes it much easier to plan the repair process for faulty component assemblies.”
Features of the hybrid rework system
With the Ersa HR 600/2 hybrid rework system, nearly all fine-pitch component types and packages can be repaired with maximum process reliability. The placement, picking up and defined setting down of components as well as the soldering process are core competences of this universal rework system. Other technical features include optimised, automated process steps for desoldering/soldering processes and component placement, as well as contactless temperature measurement via a digital sensor. The device operates with a large-area, powerful IR bottom heating system with multiple zones, which ensure even heat distribution to the component assembly. A hybrid heating head combines infrared radiation and convection heating for targeted and efficient component heating. This achieves fast, reproducible desoldering and soldering results. At the end of the repair sequence, the component assembly is cooled effectively by a hybrid blower. The maximum assembly size is 390 mm x 500 mm. A reflow process camera with LED illumination is available for process observation and documentation.

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